L’apporto all’approfondimento anche dei profili internazionali del diritto tributario si è arricchito di un premio dedicato ad Antonio Uckmar, di cadenza biennale, per un giovane e meritevole studioso; il premio consiste in una borsa di studio di euro 10.000 per seguire i corsi della WU – Università Economica di Vienna diretti dal prof. Michael Lang.

The 2016 Uckmar Visiting Research Scholarship in International Tax Law

The Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law at WU is one of the world’s leading Institutions for research and teaching in the field of tax law. Each year we select outstanding doctoral students and, to a minor extent, postgraduate research fellows from other distinguished universities who wish to visit the Institute for periods from one month to one year as Visiting Research Scholars. They get the chance to develop their own research in a most encouraging environment including our famous library and databases, as well as free participation in a considerable number of events and lectures of the Institute. During the last years we got a lot of positive feedback, telling us how beneficial the stay at our Institute and the contact with our Professors and staff had been for the progress of the students’ research projects.

The “Fondazione Antonio e Victor Uckmar” provides a scholarship at our Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law to foster this strategy and enhance international cooperation to the mutual benefit. This scholarship enables a young, talented student focusing on European or international tax law to participate in the “Visiting Research Scholar Program” at our Institute.

A brief general outline of the “Visiting Research Scholar Program”:

The Visiting Research Scholars Program for Ph.D. students is intended to have current Ph.D. students and a selected group of postgraduate research fellows who are sufficiently proficient in their disciplines and intend to visit the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law to engage in scholarly interaction. The programme is aimed at tax researchers interested in spending time contributing to the Institute’s research projects (for a description of the Institute’s current research projects see www.wu.ac.at/taxlaw). It is expected that the Scholar will divide his/her time between his/her personal research on topics which are of interest to the Institute and ongoing projects of the Institute on which research assistance may be needed. Research areas in which the Institute has particular interest are especially international tax law (including tax treaties) and European tax law. Applicants must be doctoral students who are near the end of their required coursework or in the dissertation phase. Any graduate degrees or extensive work experience is favorable.

Visiting Research Scholars are provided with free access to the Institute’s library and to other research infrastructure of the Institute, the opportunity to sit in on selected advanced classes with the instructors’ permission, and shared desk and computer space, if available. Visiting Research Scholars will also benefit from participation in a wide range of seminars and from interaction with a large group of fellow doctoral students. Visiting Research Scholars are not provided with housing or housing services. They are expected to participate in the Round Table Seminars and other specific events of the Institute. Visiting Research Scholars are invited to provide a research paper at the Institute’s Round Table Seminar. The topic of the research paper and the date of the discussion has to be agreed at the beginning of the research stay, the paper has to be distributed a week before the scheduled Round Table Seminar.

The Uckmar Scholarship in detail:

The Uckmar scholarship consists of an invitation to participate in the Visiting Research Scholar Program at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law for a period of 6 month as well as a financial support of € 10.000,-. This scholarship is given as a lump sum payment of all expenses related to the research stay in Vienna, incl. travel and accommodation expenses, as well as health insurance.

It is a requirement of the Uckmar scholarship that the awardee spends a period of six months at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, presents the outcome of his research activity in a round table and publishes a scientific paper in an international specialized tax journal on a topic concerning his research within three months from the completion of his/her research stay.

Target Group:

This scholarship addresses to graduates and/or PhD students with a maximum age of 30 years of any nationality, who have obtained their degree at an Italian University with a thesis on European or International Tax Law, or that intend to do postgraduate research on this field. Further he or she should have excellent knowledge in English and preferably other languages.

Applications include the following:

  • a short text indicating why you apply for the scholarship
  • letter of recommendation from a professor or a lecturer (drafted in English)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • list of publications
  • Preferred research period (1st choice) and alternative date (if first choice is not available). Start shall be between January and July 2016
  • Topic and a brief statement describing the research proposal or doctoral thesis

A jury will select the scholar. The jury consists of Prof. Victor Uckmar and the Professors of our Institute, editor of the journals Diritto e Pratica Tributaria and Diritto e Pratica Tributaria Internazionale – Prof. Michael Lang, Prof. Josef Schuch, Prof. Claus Staringer, Prof. Pasquale Pistone and Prof. Alfred Storck.

The deadline for the application for the “Uckmar Visiting Research Scholarship in International Tax Law” is Oct. 15, 2015.

We are looking forward to receiving applications for the scholarship by mail to Christine Wiesinger, Christine.wiesinger@wu.ac.at.